Breathing during labor

When giving birth naturally, the body is put under a great amount of physical activity. During this time, one of the most important things to remember is your breathing. Because of this, there are classes out there that will teach you various breathing patterns when in labor. These can be deep breathing patterns, or light breathing. Let’s look at some of the differences.

Deep Breathing Patterns

With deep breathing exercises, you control your breathing with short long breaths. You will be using your diaphragm and allowing the air to fill your abdomen. Many women prefer this as it is similar to meditation breathing.

Light Breathing Patterns

If you find deep breathing does not work out for you, light breathing exercises may work better. With these breathing patterns, you allow air to fill your chest instead of your diaphragm. This means you will take in the air needed, but only short amounts.

Finding Your Pattern

When it comes to breathing, no matter which version you prefer or if you choose to do a combination, the important thing is that you choose a pattern that is relaxing and calming. The overall reason for breathing patterns is to help you relax, while relieving some stress off your body during this challenging time.

Do not use a pattern that leads to shortness of breath. If you feel short of breath, then you are not getting enough air and need to change things up. This will only cause additional stress to your body, which you don’t want.

The best thing to do is learn more about various breathing exercises for labor and birthing. Different patterns are helpful with various stages. Breathing through contractions will be different than breathing through the actual birthing process.