Natural Birth vs C-Section

There are two methods to giving birth, one is the natural method where the baby is born through the vagina. The other method is a C-Section where doctors medically open the mother and remove the baby. Caesarean sections (C-Sections) can be planned, or they may be medically required if something goes wrong during natural birthing. Either way, the health of the mother and baby are top priority.

Natural birthing

Many times mothers will opt for this method because it is the natural way. Some mothers want the ‘experience’ of giving birth. No matter the reason, this has been the number one way to give birth since the beginning, but it does come with risks. There are situations that may occur, that may require a C-Section to take place.

Labor can be a drawn out process, which is physically challenging on the mother. Although, the hospital stay is often shorter with faster recovery times.


If a mother has a known medical condition, or giving birth to multiple babies, they may plan for a C-section ahead of time. This can include high blood pressure, infections, herpes, HIV or placenta issues, etc. When a baby is large, or if the position is not correct, these are also reasons a C-section may be performed.

This method allows for shorter labor periods, but the average hospital stay is 24 to 48 hours, depending on the state. Although, the mother may leave sooner if they choose. C-Sections are considered a major surgery, meaning a longer recovery time.