Which is the best Bugaboo stroller?

Buying a stroller for your baby or newborn can be a big investment and when it comes to our children we only want the best. Nonetheless, trying to accommodate two little children in your daily life can be quite chaotic, which means that we often need a helping hand. The Bugaboo Donkey, offered from a really good stroller manufacturer only specializes in high quality items that are for parents with children.

Is the Frog by Bugaboo a good stroller?

Many parents love this stroller, but there are a few downsides to this model that are noticed at first glance. It isn’t really that comfortable to navigate the city with your little ones, but the idea behind this stroller is one that has great possibilities when you are looking for a convertible stroller. So what is a convertible baby stroller meant for? We will cover that with the Bugaboo Donkey.

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But precisely what does a convertible baby stroller stand intended for? Here could be the essence with the Bugaboo Donkey.

Unique Configuration

Normally, baby strollers are just one or two seaters, but the Donkey is both. That is what makes this stroller so special. This convertible baby stroller is great for those who have twins or multiple children. This configuration has its own features and issues such as it is narrower than the average two seater, but it is pretty bulk which isn’t what a lot of people are looking for, especially for those who live in city areas, when going for a small walk is an adventure.

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It just takes 3 clicks to turn this stroller into a two seater plus you can move the handle around to make it reversible. So it doesn’t take a lot of effort to change this stroller into how you want it. A lot of parents that have the Donkey have realized it is great when it comes to storage. There is a lot of room to store your groceries, your baby, diaper bag and more. The mono option gives your more storage are, but even in the double duo mode, there is a lot of storage.

The Price isn’t always right

When it comes to the Bugaboo Donkey Stroller, the price is really steep. It is more on the expensive side, and that is one of the biggest disadvantages that it has, especially considering that this stroller looks amazing and has awesome features. Since Bugaboo mainly deals with launching the most luxurious models in the stroller market, you should know that it will come with a pretty big price tag, but you get what you pay for.

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